Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Independent

Every time I think about attending an event, a talk, or a mixer by myself, there is always that twinge of anxiety, especially being used to connecting people together and convincing them to come with me to things that I don't want to go to by myself. Tonight, although I still had the - I don't want to go by myself and how will I talk with people I don't know - moment, I forced myself out the door and into a situation where I didn't know if I would know, recognize or connect with anyone there.  I once again was reminded that, I will meet people and that I really enjoy meeting people solo. It allows me to be the bold, carefree, I don't care if you're judging me Naomi that I really love to be. Introducing myself to a group of strangers with a glass of wine in one hand and my hand shake in the other, it's always a thrill and it always creates new connections and potential friendships. I write this post, not to pat myself on the back, but to remind myself that I do enjoy going to things solo and should continue to do so. It always expands my social circles and my understanding of the many different people where I live. Having a "wing-person" at my side, while fun and comforting, doesn't allow me to network and reach out as much as I can by myself. So I hope this solo pattern continues for a while, it's always a surprisingly good time!

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