Monday, May 31, 2010

Sawadee Ka - Hello Bangkok

Sporadic posting is the theme of the month - both  May and June. I have just arrived at the Lub D hostel in the Silom Quarter of Bangkok. We arrived from Cha'am on a minibus which dropped us at Victory Monument. Without a word of English spoken, Callie and I managed to find the SkyTrain and get two tickets, complete 1 transfer, passing a destroyed Central World via the SkyTrain to our stop in Silom. A two block walk with our giant packs and we arrived to a beautiful and inexpensive hostel. We found some nice Thai food restaurant where I finally had a Thai Iced Tea - or Iced Milk Tea. Now we're taking it easy this afternoon, uploading photos, doing laundry and planning our next two days in Bangkok.

Once I've got some extra time on my hands, I will start back-posting my journal entries from my trip so far.

South East Asia is a beautiful place, with beautiful people and delicious foods. My friend Phil asked me to describe my trip in three words, so here they are: Foreign, Humid, Delicious.

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