Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Floral Arrangements

Sweet, Aromatic, Pungent, Vibrant, Colorful, Beautiful, Thai, Orchids, Smiles, Smells.

Tonight was certainly a bouquet of Bangkok. Callie and I were determined to have an experience out on the town. We eventually decided on food at Arun Prathtit - The Sun Road, right around the corner from Koh San Road . We happened upon Royal India and had incredible Chili Paneer, Samosas, Garlic Naan and Sag Kofta. Of course with large Chang and Singha beers. We then found our way to Koh San with all the lights, music, and Hebrew, Israelis and dirty hippies. It was a bit of a shock for us, but definitely worth the experience. What's better than Elvis sung by Thais in Los Angeles? Elvis, the Beetles, Country and Oasis sung by Thais in THAILAND! More Chang beer to accompany our journey and some highly entertaining drunk Irishmen/boys.

We closed out the bar and decided to meander on over to the Flower Market - only a few kilometers away...but just getting started at 3 am. We were told to take a taxi...by why waste the money? Plus we needed to burn off some beer calories ;) So we walked a little out of the way before getting on the right path, walking by the sparkling and glittering Grand Palace and Wat Po at night. We then approached the vegetable market, whole sale fruits and veggies for the restaurants, hotels and other sellers. We received lots of "hellos" and smiles along the way. We finally found what we were looking for...surprisingly it was our eyes that found the way, not our noses to the fragrant flower market. Pictures to follow...words cannot describe. Looking forward to sharing the vibrant beauty with you in some photos....Lah Dee Sawat (Good Night!)

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