Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The End of the Beginning...

Well, today was my last day of classes for my graduate career. In two weeks time, I will have a Master's of Public Diplomacy. I like to think my very last class had a fitting end - the discussion of global culture. Is there such thing? As Dr. Manuel Castells so eloquently put it, "well, yes and no". Global culture is not a homogeneous or monolithic creature - global culture is partly multiculturalism, partly cosmopolitanism and partly consumerism. The most profound part of this lecture for me, was that as people, we do not share a common global culture, however our global culture is that of sharing. So as I end my academic career and begin my life as a professional public diplomat, knowing that people around the globe do share a common culture - we all share. As I end one chapter of my life and start a new one, I am happy I can share with whomever is reading a little bit about my new journey and just snippets of the end of the beginning.

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