Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leight the Fire

It's amazing how certain words, places, songs, smells, tastes and touches impact life in ways you could not expect. The latest surprise came in the form of a name, the name of my blog, Fire & Leight. It's creation was inspired by my friend Paul, but the words fire and light have had special meaning for me since my DC days...

"And I came here
Knowing no one
With nothing at all
But I'm here
Here for a reason
This is the reason
It is my call
So take a look at me
Try to understand me
Believe in me, this is what makes me happy - so
Light, light the fire" ~ by ADHD Rock

A song and words that bring up memories and emotions from a wonderful past and excitement for the future. Much love for friends, new and old...always believe in what makes you happy. 

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