Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nature Diplomacy

This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Pioneertown and Joshua Tree National Park. The weekend was incredible but that is neither here nor there, however, nature inspires. Seeing thousands or millions of stars in the sky without the glaring city lights makes the world look insignificant. The vast emptiness of the desert is beauty in nothingness. These natural wonders make people kinder and more open. From fellow hikers on the trail to fellow Pioneertown guests, people are just people. I think it would be a great PD initiative to bring all different types of people out into the desert or into deep forests and drop them off for a week with only each other, the essentials. A PD "Survivor" of sorts. I bet by the end of the week issues that were once significant in terms of national conflicts (or others) would become irrelevant and the light of people-hood would shine through.

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